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[eltd_section_title enable_separator=”yes” title=”Hi! I’m Karen Emmons” subtitle=”I’m proud to be the frontline customer service representative at Moxy Salon & Spa. Should you choose to book an appointment at our top notch salon, or if you are a return customer, you will experience the most exceptional customer service there is to offer. You will be greeted in a happy and outgoing manner and I will do my very best to ensure that you leave completely satisfied. I am 63 years old, but thanks to my wonderful co-workers, I don’t look a day over 39! I have been happily married to my husband Rick (he is known as Fred to some) for almost 37 years, and we’re so grateful to be a part of this community. Want to learn more about everything we have to offer at Moxy’s? Give me a call to set up your lifestyle consultation today.”]